Welcome to ICU Counseling Center! We are dedicated to promoting the mental health of ICU students by providing counseling, consultation, and other psychological and psychiatric services. Counselors and a psychiatrist are here to help you work out your difficulties for your further growth and success.


1. During the rapidly changing circumstance due to the corona outbreak, ICU Counseling Center is posting important notices on this webpage.  Please check them through the sidebar titled "Notice Regarding COVID-19." (3/29/20)

2. As of April 1, we can no longer offer face-to-face counseling because campus entry is now prohibited.  We are in the process of launching an online counseling system.  We will inform you via this website when it becomes available. (4/1/20)

3. If you cannot reach us by phone, please write to us at icu-counseling@icu.ac.jp.  Please note that it may take some time for us to respond to your inquiry at this time.  Email is not a secure form of communication, and protection of your privacy cannot be guaranteed.  Please refrain from using emails during emergencies or for consultation. (4/6/20)

4. We have started online counseling.  If you would like to request an appointment, please write to online-counseling@icu.ac.jp from your university email address (@icu.ac.jp).  Upon receiving your message, we will get in touch with you.  (4/9/20)