Welcome to ICU Counseling Center! We are dedicated to promoting the mental health of ICU students by providing counseling, consultation, and other psychological and psychiatric services. Counselors and a psychiatrist are here to help you work out your difficulties for your further growth and success.

During the summer, ICU Counseling Center will maintain the regular business hours (Mon. – Fri., 9:30AM – 4:30PM) except for the following dates.

Friday, July 12 (Makeup Holiday for Open Campus)

Monday, July 15 (National Holiday)

Wednesday, July 24 – Tuesday to Tuesday, August 6 (University Summer Recess)

Monday, August 12 (National Holiday)

Tuesday, August 13 (Makeup Holiday for Open Campus)

Monday, August 19 (Makeup Holiday for Open Campus)


The last day of the university psychiatrist’s visit before the summer break will be Tuesday, July 23 (between 9:30AM to 12PM).  He will return when the fall term starts in September.